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Cloudlab (Iaas)

A one-stop-shop for cloud success

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Cloudlab (IaaS)

Cloudlab (IaaS)

At IT Lab, we don’t simply implement technology. We enable new ways of working.

Cloudlab, IT Lab’s enterprise-class Infrastructure as a Service platform is a one-stop-shop for cloud success. From development, testing and staging sites through to scaled production environments, Cloudlab provides flexible hosting, storage and more on a resilient platform that your business can count on.

Cloudlab can provide shared hosting and logically separated services (e.g. virtual data centres), enabling self-administration of computing and storage requirements. Other benefits include:

  • Scalable design: Cloudlab is built on fully resilient, highly scalable technology including a full flash, SSD storage platform. Infinitely extensible, the Cloudlab platform is designed to use object storage for increasing, cost effective scaling
  • Security: Cloudlab takes a multi-layered approach to security that ensures the highest level of protection. Cloudlab resides in Tier 3, ISO 27001 data centres, benefitting from a triangulated fully resilient design

An end-to-end managed platform backed up by IT Lab’s robust technical support, Cloudlab is ideal for delivering innovative services from inception through to production. Our platform supports development frameworks, such as Java, Spring, Ruby and Sinatra as well as open source services, such as MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB and RabbitMQ. You also get free HTTP routing and load balancing and compatibility with the majority of Heroku buildpacks.

Simple. Secure. Supremely flexible. Cloudlab can offer your business:

  • A platform-agnostic solution
  • Infinite extensions, with full flash SSD storage platform
  • Built-in resilience, business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Pay for what you use costs that are flexible with your business needs
  • Improved agility, flexibility and scalability

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