There are many reasons why clients choose to partner with IT Lab

At IT Lab, we straddle two worlds that are increasingly interdependent: the business world and the world of technology. We are a business that can operate at scale while delivering personalised service with care tailored to sector, size or need.

We are a business that also understands the commercial needs of our clients.  We are experts in the possibilities and the practical applications of technology.  And we are skilled in the analysis of organisations, their strategies, their processes and the needs of their users – whether these be employees, customers or third parties. Above all, we are obsessed about great service which is why Service Obsession sits central to our belief, is our mantra, our compass and our guide for what we expect delivery to be.


When we say that we are obsessed by delivering great service, what do we mean?

  • Of course we will do everything possible to deliver against agreed service level commitments.
  • Of course we are dedicated to the delivery of best advice, quality engineering and world class user support.
  • Of course we treat clients with respect, and do our level best to deliver on our promises, on time and on budget.
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All the above is true, but, at IT Lab, Service Obsession goes deeper than this…

Service Obsession is about who you are as much as what you do. It is about being the kind of person who just can’t say “that’ll do” or asks “is that good enough?”

  • Service-obsessed people listen properly to clients, and take ownership of challenges as they arise.
  • Service-obsessed people act with integrity and focus, tuning into users real priorities and needs.
  • Service-obsessed people won’t leave even small stones unturned and understand that little things can matter a great deal in the real world.

They wake up determined. They act. They consult. They challenge. They do.

These are the kind of people we hire at IT Lab. They are not easy to find, and they demand as much of us as we do of them. But they make us who we are.

Why clients choose IT Lab

We support organisations of all sizes improve their efficiency and performance to deliver business outcomes.

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from two clients about what their partnership with IT Lab means to their organisation.

“It’s hard to overstate the criticality of IT to our business. And it’s equally hard to overstate the importance of IT Lab to getting our IT right.”


Some facts about IT Lab, a Content+Cloud company

  1. IT Lab was formed in 2000. The founding vision was to differentiate in the IT services market through the quality and commitment of our people. So began our Service Obsession.
  2. The origins of our business actually date back to 1981 when Manchester based JM Computers were founded as a specialist provider of software to run on the Commodore Pet one of the world’s first microcomputers.
  3. JM Computers evolved to become JMC IT, a successful £11m turnover business employing 100+ people and in 2015 became part of the IT Lab family.
  4. Green Field Technology, another successful London based MSP employing 50 people, also joined the IT Lab family in December 2015.
  5. Perspective Risk, a specialist cybersecurity services provider, was acquired by IT Lab in 2017, adding cybersecurity to the portfolio to help our clients remain safe.
  6. We now employ 750+ staff, across multiple locations and service 850+ client organisations and tens of thousands of end users.
  7. Average length of employee service is nearly five years. But over 60+ members of the team have 10 years+ in the business and our longest standing employee joined the original JM business in 1982 and is still going strong! We create a great environment for people to grow and develop.
  8. Amongst the many talented members of the IT Lab team we have a World Record Holder for endurance cycling.
  9. Between us, we have over 1750-people years of IT Lab experience in the team to help us deliver value to our clients.
  10. We have 16 global partnerships enabling us to support our clients in all corners of the earth!
  11. Our advice is independent: we are genuinely agnostic when it comes to technology options.
  12. Our acquisition of the most awarded Microsoft Partner in the UK - Content and Code - gives us the capability to deliver a full portfolio of professional and managed services across the core Microsoft technology stack of Office 365 and M365, Azure, Dynamics 365 and SharePoint.
  13. We acquired Mirus IT in August 2019, and Sol-Tec in March 2020. Mirus is our SMB Centre of Excellence. Sol-Tec is the market leader in Azure migration services to the public and private sectors.
  14. And now in 2020, we have launched Content+Cloud – the new name for the IT Lab group. You can read the blog to find out more, watch our group CEO, Peter Sweetbaum talking about the launch in this video. Or you can visit the Content+Cloud site here.


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