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User Profiling

Understanding the needs and working patterns of your users

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User Profiling

When a significant percentage of an organisation’s cost base is people, workforce optimisation becomes a “real thing”. We start by  understanding the needs and working patterns of your users and to ensure your organisation is achieving maximum value from your technology.

Although roles and working patterns are often standardised, some of us just work best in different ways. Truly understanding how your users operate, communicate and engage is key to optimising their working lives, and in turn, optimising their performance for your organisation.

Our consultancy team can conduct a user-focused review of your business – to assess how we can bring out the best from your team, valuing individuality in working styles while ensuring necessary corporate protection and costs have been fully considered.

An example of our work

IT Lab have supported various organisations understand their users through interviews, surveys and documentation review. It is often the first step in defining a technology strategy.

We worked closely with a professional services organisation that had grown organically from a small family run business over severally years and had reached an inflexion point where they needed to decide if they should continue to grow organically whilst serving a local market or grow more aggressively to compete in a national market. They were seeking strategic IT guidance to understand their ability and options to support continued growth.

We began the process by profiling their users through individual and group interviews as well as a review of documentation of historic issues and processes. What quickly became apparent was that the leadership team had not evolved their technology and processes to accommodate the changing technology landscape, which left their operations outdated resulting in difficulty attracting and retaining new talent and limiting their growth capabilities.

We identified and documented the factors that informed their users' needs. We developed several personas for users across the business that described their working styles, preferences, challenges and motivators. This allowed us to identify and recommend initiatives to address the areas requiring immediate attention and long-term change requirements to support their growth.

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