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Collaboration & Information Access

A collaboration solution to meet your specific requirements

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Collaboration & Information Access

Collaboration & Information Access

Data and documents are everywhere, but never where you look for them and always a different version to the one that your colleague has. Moving from an analogue, paper-based workplace to a digital one has supported the proliferation of documents and information and finding the right information can be like looking for a needle in a proverbial haystack.

With the right technology, you can easily find the document that you are looking for, edit it collaboratively with colleagues and share it securely with whom you choose both inside and outside of your organisation.

That report that your boss is demanding? It’s right at your fingertips. The latest holiday policy? Right where you need it just as your flight offer is about to expire.

As with most of our solutions, we don’t adopt a one-size-fits-all approach, and it’s key that we understand your specific requirements before suggesting a collaboration solution.

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint allows your employees to share and manage content, knowledge and applications – which in turn enables your teams to work more effectively and collaborate across your organisation.

Powerful search capabilities mean that SharePoint can act as a knowledge management platform and can be customised to meet the specific demands of your organisation. Using Microsoft’s Azure platform, SharePoint is accessible on your PC, MAC or mobile device.

Whether you are looking for a traditional intranet site, or need to develop a technology platform that can accelerate productivity and provide a rich digital experience for your users using workflow, IT Lab can help you harness the power of SharePoint.


Egnyte’s award-winning platform integrates with many cloud, storage, device, and business applications to enable customers to optimise their file-sharing environments through secure access, centralised control and unified visibility.

Egnyte provides end-to-end file monitoring, management and protection so you can ensure the integrity and privacy of your information, regardless of where files are stored or who needs to access them (both internally and externally), to reduce data leakage risks and support compliance initiatives.

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