Business Process Workflow & Integration

With the right technology you can be liberated to focus on what matters most

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Business Process Workflow & Integration

Many hands make light work, and in the modern era technology can do so many of the things that we used to have to do, and so much more.

Much like humans though, some applications have a tendency to work on their own or not share easily and we have to make up for that with spreadsheets, reports and re-keying data: often it feels like we are working for the technology, not the other way around!

Integrating information and processes between systems can obtain the maximum value out of each. Providing effective workflow between systems and different people can mean that our time is used only when we are needed to add value, not do something that could be easily automated.

Whether it is approving expenses or creating a report with data from multiple systems, or creating a new customer across multiple systems, we all know how painful the wrong technology can make things, but with the right technology, you can be liberated to focus on what matters most.

An example of our work

IT Lab have worked with several organisations to assist with identifying process and system integration gaps and to provide implement recommendations for improved integrations.

Through user interviews with key stakeholders and a review of process documentation, we were able to identify the gaps in their processes, the manual process requirements due to lack of integration and the manual process requirements due to a lack of system functionality.

We subsequently conducted a technical review of their systems and architecture and engaged with the system vendors to determine where integrating existing systems as well as newly identified required systems was possible as well as where it would streamline their processes.

We provided the client with a phased change programme that allowed them to make the necessary process changes to enable system integration prior to making technical changes, it also allowed for phased user disruption.

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