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Productivity Applications

Technology that helps us all work effectively and efficiently together

Identifying and implementing tools and methodologies to improve user performance and boost everyday productivity.


Typical service elements include:

User Profiling

When the significant percentage of an organisations cost base is people, workforce optimisation becomes a “real thing”. Therefore, we start with understanding the needs and working patterns of your users and ensuring your organisation is achieving maximum value from your technology. Although roles and working patterns are often standardised, some of us just work best in different ways. Truly understanding how your users operate, communicate and engage is key to optimising their working lives, and in turn, optimising their performance for your organisation.

Our consultancy team can conduct a user focused review of your business – to assess how we can bring out the best from your team, valuing individuality in working styles while ensuring necessary corporate protection and costs have been fully considered.

Business Process Workflow & Integration

Many hands make light work, and in the modern era technology can do so many of the things that we used to have to do, and so much more. Much like humans though, some applications have a tendency to work on their own or not share easily and we have to make up for that with spreadsheets, reports and re-keying data: Often it feels like we are working for the technology, not the other way around!

Integrating information and processes between systems can obtain the maximum value out of each. Providing effective workflow between systems and different people can mean that our time is used only when we are needed to add value, not do something that could be easily automated. Whether it is approving expenses or creating a report with data from multiple systems, or creating a new customer across multiple systems, we all know how painful the wrong technology can make things, but with the right technology you can be liberated to focus on what matters most.

Collaboration & Information Access

Data and documents are everywhere, but never where you look for them and always a different version to the one that your colleague has.

Moving from an analogue, paper-based workplace to a digital one has supported the proliferation of documents and information and finding the right information can be like looking for a needle in a proverbial haystack.

With the right technology, you can easily find the document that you are looking for, edit it collaboratively with colleagues and share it securely with whom you choose both inside and outside of your organisation. That report that your boss is demanding? It’s right at your fingertips. The latest holiday policy? Right where you need it just as your flight offer is about to expire.


Sometimes, it makes sense just to talk. Sometimes it’s good to see if a colleague is busy before picking up the phone. Sometimes it’s good to ask a simple question using an instant message whilst in a meeting and then for that colleague to join the meeting by video whilst working from home. And that spreadsheet that they are working on? They can share it easily with everyone in the meeting and edit it in real time.

Modern communication can be difficult with a plethora of methods to choose from in our always-on and always-connected society. Using modern Unified Communications tools, integrated with desktop and line of business applications makes communication easy with a wide audience whenever and wherever you are, or if you have clocked off for the day you can let people know!

Social Tools

With all this new technology, have we lost the personal touch? Chatting to the person next to you in the office will always be a great way to work, but being able to share ideas and conduct conversations across continents and time zones enables global businesses to create cohesion across their diverse workforce and support collaboration for real value creation.

The Intranet is not necessarily the place to go to look up a travel policy or see what is for lunch in the canteen. With connected platforms, line of business applications, task management tools and conversation streams, Bob in Barbados can share the latest sales figured with Margaret in Monument who can ask Pierre in Paris what ideas he and his team in the Philippines have for the new product. The world of technology has gone social and so can the workplace and not just by the watercooler…

Freedom of Access

Train strike again? Stuck on the 6:37 because of the wrong type of leaves on the line? Trying to cram in a few timesheet approvals whilst waiting for the Year 1 Carol Concert to begin? Modern devices, connectivity and applications mean that all of the value of this automation, communication and collaboration can be made available to you in a device-agnostic and location-agnostic way. With real freedom of access to services, you can be productive even when it feels like the world doesn’t want you to be.

Our Approach


Why IT Lab for Productivity Applications?

Navigate. Integrate. Operate.

Three words that will help you achieve business goals and transform your expectations of technology.

Find out how...


Ken, Infrastructure

Navigate The right tools to support your people

The modern technology landscape is extraordinarily complex and changing rapidly. But when you select the technologies that best fit the needs of your, the effect on your productivity, profitability and growth can be explosive. In short: technology can be your lever of success and can liberate your staff from mundane and ineffective processes. IT Lab help clients to find the right communication, collaboration and productivity tools to unlock the value of their data, processes and siloed systems. Your people want to make best use of their time. You want to make best use of your information. We can help.

Our Productivity Solutions help your team to create, share, thrive, and switch off when the work is done.

Integrate, integrate, integrate

Like people, some systems like to work in a silo. Valuable data is locked up, processes are stopped in their tracks, documents never see the light of day and people’s lives are made harder, not easier.

IT Lab can help you to leverage the right technology to enable information to flow freely yet securely between your systems, people and partners. Leverage the power of your employees no matter where they are because you are better together and so are your systems. In the modern world of disaggregated systems, joining the dots is key to delivering valuable yet agile processes that support efficient and effective processes.

Join the dots of people, systems and data to see the full picture of value for your organisation.


Natalie, Strategic Projects

Operating Apps

Rachel, Global Partnerships

Operate any time, anywhere, even when things go wrong

Connected systems and processes can transform your operation. Your business can operate more efficiently than you ever imagined. You information and assets become more valuable than ever before. Leveraging highly available cloud services mean that the components of the services are ready when you are, and if they are not, IT Lab’s 24 / 7 service desk is available to step in and help out so your users will never be left hanging around.

Anywhere, any time, any place. Technology and IT Lab’s people are always there to support you.


Award-winning IT Support. Count on it.

IT Lab is a three-star Service Desk Institute-accredited service provider. We are also ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. Our name is globally-recognised in the industry and we manage the demands of over 850 clients. We can do the same for you.


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