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Identifying and implementing tools and methodologies to improve user performance and boost everyday productivity.


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Why IT Lab for Productivity Applications?

Navigate. Integrate. Operate.

Three words that will help you achieve business goals and transform
your expectations of technology.

Find out how...

Ken, Infrastructure

Ken, Infrastructure

Navigate The right tools to support your people

The modern technology landscape is extraordinarily complex and changing rapidly. But when you select the technologies that best fit the needs of your, the effect on your productivity, profitability and growth can be explosive. In short: technology can be your lever of success and can liberate your staff from mundane and ineffective processes. IT Lab help clients to find the right communication, collaboration and productivity tools to unlock the value of their data, processes and siloed systems. Your people want to make best use of their time. You want to make best use of your information. We can help.

Our Productivity Solutions help your team to create, share, thrive, and switch off when the work is done.

Integrate, integrate, integrate

Like people, some systems like to work in a silo. Valuable data is locked up, processes are stopped in their tracks, documents never see the light of day and people’s lives are made harder, not easier.

IT Lab can help you to leverage the right technology to enable information to flow freely yet securely between your systems, people and partners. Leverage the power of your employees no matter where they are because you are better together and so are your systems. In the modern world of disaggregated systems, joining the dots is key to delivering valuable yet agile processes that support efficient and effective processes.

Join the dots of people, systems and data to see the full picture of value for your organisation.

Natalie, Strategic Projects

Natalie, Strategic Projects

Rachel, Global Partnerships

Rachel, Global Partnerships

Operating Infrastructure Management & Support

IT Lab has an enviable 16-year track record of infrastructure support, providing proactive remote management and monitoring, supporting applications and ensuring security protocols are respected, all of which are core to our service and heritage. We employ over 170 dedicated and expert technical support engineers. We have three fully-resilient global service and network operating centres and provide 24/7 “always on” service delivery and support with a global network of partners that enable us to service the needs of our clients pretty much wherever they operate.
To add to this, we are an award-winning, three-star Service Desk Institute-accredited service provider, ISO 9001 certified and a globally-recognized Managed Service Provider. We have the breadth and depth of knowledge required to meet our own internal standard of Service Obsession, as well as the demands of over 850 clients.

With your own NOC dashboard, you have real-time data on your infrastructure performance.


Award-winning IT Support. Count on it.

IT Lab is a three-star Service Desk Institute-accredited service provider. We’re also ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 certified. Our name is globally-recognised in the industry and we manage the demands of over 850 clients. We can do the same for you.


Numbers we are proud of ...

1 petabyte of data stored securely on our Cloudlab platform

1 petabyte of data stored securely on our Cloudlab platform

750+ customers, representing more than 25,000 people we support everyday

750+ customers, representing more than 25,000 people we support everyday

Over 250 service obsessed engineers

Over 250 service obsessed engineers