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Free Cloud Viability Assessment

Avoid the Classic Missteps

Request a Free Cloud Viability Assessment

Request a Free Cloud Viability Assessment



What’s the optimal cloud operating model for you? What criteria do you apply to your decision making? How do you navigate the myriad cloud options? With 101 considerations - ranging from compliance, governance and security to technical questions and compatibility, the path to an evergreen environment can feel overwhelming. Let us lift some of that burden from you with our free Cloud Viability Assessment.

We’ll address your goals and obstacles and help you on your journey to an up-to-the-minute, modern environment.  

Our customised Cloud Viability Assessment is conducted by our qualified team, who have helped hundreds of businesses like yours to migrate to the cloud successfully. You’ll enjoy:

  • A discovery and strategy workshop.
  • A discussion on your governance, regulatory and compliance needs.
  • Key application identification.
  • A policy review; an appraisal of your compliance and requirement documentation.

Once we have a sound understanding of your business needs, your current technology estate challenges and operating model gaps, we’ll present our insights and recommendations to you, including:  

  • Your cloud vision, addressing your risks, core non-functional requirements, and current cost drivers.
  • Your compliance and security vision.
  • Licence strategy.
  • Your high-level cloud migration schedule.

To request your complimentary assessment, add your details to the form, and we’ll be in touch.

Request a Free Cloud Viability Assessment