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Cloudlab (IaaS)

Your Enterprise-class Infrastructure-as-a-Service Platform

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"Your flexible and scalable managed infrastructure platform with predictable costs"


As our Cloudlab client, you'll enjoy the support of a dedicated account manager from an expert team.   

Why Choose Infrastructure as a Service?

IaaS may be right for your organisation if:

cloudlab-(IaaS)-top-four-icons_High availability by design. cloudlab-(IaaS)-top-four-icons_Youd like straightforward cloudlab-(IaaS)-top-four-icons_You need confidence in cloudlab-(IaaS)-top-four-icons_You want to reduce the headache of managing your

You desire the control,  scalability and freedom of IaaS

 You'd like to free your business from the shackles  of your legacy IT infrastructure

You need confidence in a platform that’s secure by design and satisfies stringent compliance standards 

You want to reduce the headache of managing on-premise or data centre infrastructure and eliminate capital investment cycles 



IT Lab is more than a managed cloud service provider, we’re your trusted advisor 

 (IaaS)-_High availability by design.  (IaaS)-_Scalability on demand  (IaaS)-_Colocation facilities available  (IaaS)-_High performance SSD storage

 High availability by design and scalability on demand 

 Boundless performance across the platform 

 Co-location facilities and hybrid options available

 High performance storage tiers

 (IaaS)-_Inherent backup and disaster recovery  (IaaS)-_All data encrypted at rest (IaaS)-_99.999 platform uptime SLA   (IaaS)-_UK ISO 27001 tier 3 data centres

 Inherent backup and disaster recovery

 Data encrypted at rest

 99.999% platform uptime SLA

 ISO 27001 tier 3 accredited data centres

 (IaaS)-_Geographically diverse data centres  (IaaS)-_Cloudlab is owned by IT Lab  (IaaS)-_24-7-365 monitoring and management  cloudlab-(IaaS)-icons_High performance redundant connectivity

 Geographically diverse UK based data centres

Privately owned and operated by IT Lab

 24/7/365 monitoring and management

High performance redundant connectivity  


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