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Cloud Viability Assessment

Your Cloud Journey Made Clear

Enquire about a Cloud Viability Assessment

Enquire about a Cloud Viability Assessment



Delivering Your Bespoke Roadmap for Success in the Cloud

Acres have been written on the benefits of the cloud, but are you unlocking them and making the wisest choices for your organisation? Your technology estate is complex, having grown over the years. The marketplace is complex too; how do you navigate the myriad cloud options? What’s the optimal cloud operating model for you? With 101 considerations - ranging from compliance, governance and security to technical questions and compatibility, the path to modernisation can feel overwhelming.

Applying proven methodology, our cloud experts will assess your IT estate, identify your requirements and ensure you avoid the common missteps. Starting with a discovery workshop and strategy review, we’ll guide you on your journey to an evergreen world. Our technical analysis and experience ensure that nothing is overlooked. We’ll get under the skin of your users’ needs and the ambitions of your stakeholders. You’ll receive a cloud assessment report and migration schedule, empowering you with the knowledge and confidence to succeed with the cloud.

Our customised Cloud Viability Assessment is conducted by our qualified team, who have helped hundreds of businesses like yours to migrate to the cloud successfully. You’ll enjoy:

  • A discovery workshop and strategy review.
  • A discussion on your governance, regulatory and compliance needs.
  • Key application identification.
  • Technical analysis, toolset identification and tool-based analysis.
  • User engagement; staff questionnaires and interviews.
  • Policy review; an appraisal of your compliance and requirement documentation.

We’ll present your cloud roadmap in person, including:   

  • Your cloud vision. Addressing your risks, core non-functional requirements, current cost-drivers and operating model, and dependency mapping.
  • Toolset reports, licence assessment and model, high-level application assessment: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS.
  • Cloud HLD (High-Level Design), operating model, compliance and security vision.
  • Licence strategy.
  • Cost assessment – your total cost of ownership and return on investment.
  • Cloud Assessment Report.
  • High-level Migration Schedule.  

Our Cloud Viability Assessment answers your common questions, including:

cloud-viability-icons_High availability by design.

Which cloud services best support my organisation’s strategy?

cloud-viability-icons_What cost and efficiency advantages will I realise-

What cost and efficiency advantages will I realise?

cloud-viability-icons_How will my workloads and applications work in a cloud environment-

How will my workloads and applications work in a cloud environment?

cloud-viability-icons_How can the cloud help me with governance and compliance-

How can the cloud help me with governance and compliance? 

cloud-viability-icons_How will the cloud improve my business continuity and data security-

How will the cloud improve my business continuity and data security?

cloud-viability-icons_What do the migration steps involve-

What do the migration steps involve? 


To enquire or book, complete the form, and we’ll quickly be in touch.

Cloud Viability Assessment