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CloudLab (IaaS)

At IT Lab, we don’t simply implement technology. We enable new ways of working.

Cloudlab, IT Lab’s enterprise-class Infrastructure as a Service platform is a one-stop-shop for cloud success. From development, testing and staging sites through to scaled production environments, Cloudlab provides flexible hosting, storage and more on a resilient platform that your business can count on.

CloudLab can provide shared hosting and logically separated services (e.g. virtual data centres), enabling self-administration of compute and storage requirements.

  • Scalable design – Cloudlab is built on fully resilient, highly scalable technology including a full flash, SSD storage platform. Infinitely extensible, the Cloudlab platform is designed to use object storage for increasing, cost effective scaling.
  • Security – Cloudlab takes a multi-layered approach to security that ensures the highest level of protection. Cloudlab resides in Tier 3, ISO 27001 data centres, benefitting from a triangulated fully resilient design

An end-to-end managed platform backed-up by IT Lab’s robust technical support, Cloudlab is Ideal for delivering innovative services from inception through to production, our platform supports development frameworks like Java, Spring, Ruby and Sinatra as well as open source services including MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB and RabbitMQ. You also get free http routing and load balancing. Compatible with the majority of Heroku buildpacks.

Simple. Secure. Supremely flexible.

  • Platform-agnostic
  • Infinitely extendable, with full flash SSD storage platform
  • Built-in resilience, business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Pay for what you use, costs are monthly and flex with your business needs
  • Provides improved agility, flexibility and scalability

Public Cloud (I/PaaS)

We can support most platform requirements and, supported by an impressive range of partners and an ever-extending set of capabilities, we remain solution-agnostic and outcome-focused.

Whether the right solution for your company is Microsoft’s Azure providing close integration with Microsoft services; or the assurance of high availability and service performance guarantees offered by Cloudlab; or other specialist cloud capabilities, we can advise you accordingly, application by application, function by function.

Architecture & Design

When architecting infrastructure solutions, our starting point is your business, your challenges, your objectives. Our focus is on enabling productivity, removing high cost investment cycles and increasing flexibility.

When designing a technical solution, we consider all the technical and practical implications, including how users access applications and data; along with the available or required connectivity and networking.

We will assess the comparative benefits of on premise infrastructure versus fully cloud based or hybrid solutions. This will include a range of specific considerations such as security, data retention, data protection, resilience, integration – and, of course, cost.

Our design teams will draw-up an intelligent solution that brings elegance as well as effortlessness to your business.

Cyber Risk & Security

The business risk from cyber continues to intensify; a strategy for cyber and digital risk needs to be an imperative for every organisation.

IT Lab can support you to gain a realistic and ongoing view of your security risk profile. We provide actionable advice and practical solutions, enabling your organisation to be safer and more secure. This includes measurement and reporting against industry standards and best practice, giving your management, board and customers reassurance.

Assess: Managed Assessment Service

The range of potential threats that organisations face is rapidly changing and evolving. These risks can span employees, brand and reputation, physical locations and IT infrastructure.

IT Lab can support you to assess the Cyber and Digital risks that organisations face. The nature, context and likelihood of risks can be assessed and provide the basis for better decision making and defence.

  • Threat Awareness: Continued monitoring and assessment of relevant sources and indictors to improve event reporting and find threats as they emerge.
  • Threat Detection: Assessment of logs and events in tandem with known threat and intelligence data to provide prioritised alerting
  • Threat Advisories: Scanning of the evolving threat landscape relevant to your organisation will generate targeted advisory of the most serious threats that your organisation may face.

Assure: Managed Assurance Service

Comprising key elements of cyber risk management, IT Lab will provide a continued service, giving you assurance that the key areas of cyber health are being managed appropriately. This comprises:

  • Vulnerability Scanning of Infrastructure and Applications
  • Penetration Testing (Ethical Hacking)
  • Social Engineering Test (Phishing)
  • Health Check of Boundaries, Patching, Configuration, Access Control & Malware risks
  • Cyber Essentials Certification
  • Employee Training Online and In Person

Protect: Security Operations (SOC)

Keeping your finger on the pulse of what is occurring across your users, network, devices and applications can be a significant challenge.

IT Lab can provide Security Operations (SOC) services that protect all, or portions of your IT estate. In a world of many cloud based systems, a huge range of devices and users with connectivity from all over the globe our services will simplify and support your ability to continually manage the risks you face everyday.

IT Lab Managed Security Operations Service (SOC): Bringing together seamless process with monitoring, alerting and proactive protection technologies enables IT Lab to deliver an integrated solution to provide day-to-day management of your cyber risk and holistic IT operations. Specific capabilities that can be provided as part of this service, or on a stand alone basis include:

  • Managed Firewall
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Asset Management
  • Managed Anti-Virus
  • Remote Access

Identity Access & Single Sign On

Your staff works with multiple software applications: on-premise, in the cloud and through multiple devices. As a platinum-level Okta Solution Provider, IT Lab streamlines your working day with single sign-on solutions and identity management. One single interface gives you fast access to the suite of tools that drive your business – right across your workforce. Anytime, anywhere.

Endpoint Security

Imagine if every endpoint device in your organisation was managed and monitored by a security specialist. We use best-of-breed technologies (such as BitDefender and Autotask Enpoint Management) to identify issues, deploy software updates and secure user devices in real-time – helping to ensure cyber attackers have no way in to your infrastructure.

Managed Services

NOC & Proactive Monitoring

The IT Lab Network Operations Centre (NOC) is a geo-redundant facility providing 24.7.365 infrastructure monitoring services for UK and international organisations. The primary goal of the NOC is to proactively manage the health of IT infrastructure and applications along with preventative remediation.

As a standard component of the support service, dedicated NOC resources focus on availability and capacity events. However, IT Lab offer the option of a more advanced monitoring service for organisations looking to ensure that IT infrastructure and applications remain highly available and continually perform at an optimum level.

Managed Firewall

Get the perimeter protection and inter-location security you need for peace of mind. Whether you want us to implement new firewalls or monitor your existing technologies, we conduct regular security reviews and execute all necessary patch updates. And if you change your setup, our service will change with it – no extra cost.

Mobile Device Management

The increasing use of smartphones and tablets for business functions brings the potential for incredibly agile corporate IT. But it also raises security concerns. Our tools ensure your staff have secure access to corporate data networks anytime, anywhere, without the risk of leaking sensitive data. As for lost or stolen devices, we can erase their data remotely. And thanks to our EE partnership, your business can access preferential mobile communication and data services.


Managed Security Patching

The critical importance of regularly applying the latest security patches to production systems to protect against threats and data breaches is well documented. This can be a time consuming and complex process to manage, particularly in larger or hybrid environments. IT Lab offers a fully outsourced patching service to maintain the performance and security of your servers, endpoints, networking and storage appliances.

Data Protection

Your data is your business, your business is your data. Get enterprise-level backup and disaster recovery protection for complete business confidence.

Managed Backup

Through CloudLab we deliver rapid backup and restoration of files and services across your entire IT infrastructure, including all physical and virtual servers and storage devices. You tell us what to protect, we make sure it stays safe – with full reporting, verification tests and escalation to our support team when required.

Disaster Recovery

A disaster at your business premises or data centre could bring your business to its knees. IT Lab provides expansive disaster recovery to make sure that never happens. By replicating your data and systems off-site, we ensure your business is completely protected – with remote access services on standby whether your primary servers are located on-premise, in the cloud or within managed colocation – in the event of a serious failure or disaster.

Our Approach


Why IT Lab for Infrastructure & Cloud?

Navigate. Integrate. Operate.

Three words that will help you achieve business goals and transform your expectations of technology.

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Nick, Business Support Manager

Navigate an ever increasing range of technology solutions

Recognising the increasing availability of cloud related services, we help our clients navigate the options to ensure a secure and seamless transition and optimal user experience. We ensure our clients have considered all the implications of a cloud service including how they will access their applications and data, connectivity and networking requirements, security implications, data retention needs, profiling of different applications and workloads, resilience, ease of integration – and, of course, cost.

Cloud technology can knock zeroes off your IT spend. But first you have to understand the technology that’s available.

Integrating cloud services – design and Implementation

Our experience of designing and implementing cloud and infrastructure solutions is extensive having successfully delivered most platform types for literally hundreds of clients. We can support most platform requirements and, supported by an impressive range of partners and an ever-extending set of capabilities, we remain solution-agnostic and outcome-focused. Whether the right solution for your company is Microsoft’s Azure providing close integration with Microsoft services; or the assurance of high availability and service performance guarantees offered by Cloudlab (IT Lab’s cloud platform service); or the specialist capabilities of AWS or Google Cloud, we can advise you accordingly, application by application, function by function.

At IT Lab, we don’t simply implement technology.
We enable new ways of working.

Mac Support

Lalit, Support Services

Ken, Infrastructure

Operating Infrastructure Management & Support

IT Lab has an enviable 16-year track record of infrastructure support, providing proactive remote management and monitoring, supporting applications and ensuring security protocols are respected, all of which are core to our service and heritage. We employ over 170 dedicated and expert technical support engineers. We have three fully-resilient global service and network operating centres and provide 24/7 “always on” service delivery and support with a global network of partners that enable us to service the needs of our clients pretty much wherever they operate.
To add to this, we are an award-winning, three-star Service Desk Institute-accredited service provider, ISO 9001 certified and a globally-recognized Managed Service Provider. We have the breadth and depth of knowledge required to meet our own internal standard of Service Obsession, as well as the demands of over 850 clients.

With your own NOC dashboard, you have real-time data on your infrastructure performance.


Award-winning IT Support. Count on it.

IT Lab is a three-star Service Desk Institute-accredited service provider. We are also ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. Our name is globally-recognised in the industry and we manage the demands of over 850 clients. We can do the same for you.


Numbers we are proud of ...

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Over 350 terabytes of data stored securely on our Cloudlab platform

850+ customers, representing more than 25,000 people we support everyday

Over 170 service obsessed engineers