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Social Engineering and User Awareness Training

Your users can be your best line of defence - or your weakest link.

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Today humans, rather than machines, are a prime target for cyber-criminals. Phishing is one of the top three security threats faced by British businesses and is used in more than two-thirds of all cyber attacks. In 2016, the cost to UK PLC was £6 billion. 

At IT Lab, we deliver a variety of social engineering and user-awareness training, including interactive online learning and engaging on-site workshops. We share the National Cyber Security Centre’s belief that people-centric thinking is the heart of robust security. Social engineering – in the context of cybersecurity – is an umbrella term for techniques used to exploit people’s trust. The goal is usually financial, but other motivations include ego and entertainment. 

Social engineering takes many malicious and convincing forms: 

  • Phishing, Spear Phishing, Vishing, SMiShing and Whaling - also known as CEO fraud or Business email compromise (BEC).
  • Watering hole (or Waterhole) attacks.
  • Baiting and Quid pro quo attacks.
  • Tailgating - also known as Piggybacking, and Shoulder surfing.

Other activities by cyber criminals involve social engineering. For example, Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks commonly include a spear phishing element. 

If you'd like... 

  • To foster a culture of security across your user-base and minimise your vulnerabilities.
  • Training that’s compelling, memorable and enjoyable.
  • A range of training options – either online or workshop based – to suit your needs and budget.
  • A training provider with the highest credentials and real-world experience of social engineering.
  • To measure the results to evidence compliance to internal and external standards.

THEN IT LAB can Help 

  • Our flexible training options and packages include:

    • Workshops at our modern and commutable training suites in London and Manchester.
    • Workshops at your premises, UK wide.
    • SecAware, our online training platform based on gamification to encourage participation and ongoing use.
  • Assistance with user-facing policies.
  • Guidance on your IT policies.
  • Straightforward payment options; ask for details.


  • We’re the social engineering experts. One reason for this is because we’ve been successfully applying social engineering techniques during red team client assignments for years.
  • Our trainers are diverse, relatable and proud to deliver the best learning experiences. They’re also among the most highly qualified InfoSec professionals in the country.
  • Our online SecAware platform is unique in the marketplace; the content was created by our cybersecurity experts. Access is unlimited and round the clock; just tell us how many users you have.
  • SecAware was developed to fit around busy work schedules and designed to encourage participation. Downloadable reports allow you to track the growing knowledge of your user-base and evidence compliance.
  • Training available for all levels, including workshops for your execs and board. 
  • We're ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 certified.

To book a full-feature demo of SecAware or request a quote for a social engineering and user awareness workshop, just complete the contact form and we'll quickly be in touch.  

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