Penetration Testing and Red Teaming

Take a proactive approach to your cybersecurity by understanding your vulnerabilities

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Increasingly, organisations of all sizes and sectors recognise that a penetration test is a vital component of their security strategy. By taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity, they're strengthening their defences against hackers and other threats.

Through understanding the risks to your data, critical systems and intellectual property, you will:

  • Minimise the potential of a successful cyber-attack
  • Contain and mitigate the consequences of a breach

In a crowded marketplace, your choice of provider is crucial. With IT Lab, you’ll be in qualified and experienced hands. Perspective Risk is an IT Lab company specialising in information security. Our penetration test services include:

  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Application Penetration Testing
  • Wireless Penetration Testing
  • Mobile Application Penetration Testing; often viewed as the Achilles Heel of security

Download A Buyer's Guide to Penetration Testing

For wider visibility of your security posture from a multitude of attack vectors, our elite Red Team delivers a bespoke service. This includes:

  • A highly controlled approach, from mission brief to debrief.
  • Our unique interpretation of a kill chain, from reconnaissance to acquisition.

Deciding between a penetration test or a red team engagement? Our blog helps you choose. 

do these apply to you?  

  • Fast, responsive support is vital.   
  • You expect more than an off-the-shelf commodity; you demand a skilled service.
  • Value for money is a key driver and you invest in quality.
  • For you, security is more than box ticking or the avoidance of fines. 
  • The output of your penetration test or red team engagement is crucial. You'd like: 
    • To understand your security vulnerabilities in context with the risks.
    • Clear, prioritised and actionable information.
    • As necessary, practical assistance with remediation.
    • To identify areas of non-compliance applicable to your industry’s standards, e.g. PSN/GSi CoCo, PCI DSS, Security Policy Framework.
    • Non-sector specific compliance issues flagged, e.g. the GDPR.

HOW IT LAB and perspective risk CAN HELP

We cover the UK and have the capacity and resources to respond to your needs quickly. We also undertake international assignments. We can allocate a consultant with experience of working in your sector.    

Our simulated cyber-attacks apply real-world knowledge of today’s prevalent and emerging threats. We’ll equip you with a credible and realistic understanding of your vulnerabilities.

Our Red Team has a 100% success rate breaching physical perimeters and a convincing repertoire of phishing techniques.

Easy to follow reports explain the issues in both plain and technical speak, with detailed output enabling you or your IT team to replicate them. We’ll give you sound remediation advice leaving you in no doubt how to fix issues permanently. If you’re short on resources or time, we can arrange to resolve them for you.

Reputation means everything to our talented penetration testers and red team. They will go the extra mile to assist you and develop a rapport with your internal teams. We seek to educate and upskill at the same time. Still undecided or need more advice? Download our Buyer’s Guide to Penetration Testing.

Our portfolio spans everything IT, including 24/7/365 support, business applications and strategic consultancy. Should you choose to explore other solutions or services in the future, you needn’t juggle multiple providers. 

We operate world-leading Network Operations and Security Operations Centres. Simply put, IT Lab can act as a supportive extension of your team or be your team.


  • Experienced CESG, CHECK and CREST accredited consultants.
  • CSTAR - the industry badge for red teaming and penetration testing.   
  • ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 certified.
  • We don’t merely deploy automated tools. We apply respected methodologies such as OSSTMM and OWASP.
  • We work across all sectors and are the choice of blue-chip companies, government and SMEs.
  • Our penetration testing and red team services are delivered by independently vetted, security-cleared employees, not third-party contractors.
  • We attract and retain the best people. The average tenure of our penetration testers and red teamers is 5 years.
  • The combined experience of our security consultants is 90 years.
  • The collective experience of our red team is 20 years.
  • We have a loyal client base; over 80% of our penetration testing is repeat business.
  • Average Net Promoter Score is 9.
  • Client testimonials available on request. Due to the nature of our work, many of our clients are understandably unwilling to publicly share how we helped them.
  • You’ll find us supportive, endlessly helpful, and easy to do business with.

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