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Managed Assurance Service (MAS)

A continuous, comprehensive service to mitigate your cyber risks

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IT Lab’s Managed Assurance Service (MAS) exists to benchmark your organisation’s security posture and make actionable recommendations that result in tangible security benefits.

As well as managing business and compliance requirements around their cybersecurity risks, most organisations want to protect the reputations they have built from harm. A security breach has the potential to seriously impact all elements of your business if there are no controls in place, or if existing controls are not effectively mitigating the risks. 

At IT Lab, we increasingly find that businesses are paying insufficient attention to their security posture and the potential impacts that can result from cyber breaches. Sadly, we also encounter the consequences of this when organisations contact us following a successful cyber-attack.

Comprising key elements of cyber risk management, we deliver a continued service, giving you the assurance that the key areas of cyber health are being managed appropriately.

MAS also provides you with reporting and documentation to help you understand and control the ongoing cyber risk to your business. This can include:

* Our service aligns with the Cyber Essentials scheme, a UK government-backed certification to help protect business from the most common threats and demonstrate their commitment to cybersecurity.

MAS is conducted over four quarters. If the recommendations we provide in each quarter are implemented, you will achieve Cyber Essentials PLUS certification. 

If you need help implementing the recommendations, we also have the resources and capacity to assist you.


  • Expert Cyber Assurance consultants who will support you every step of the way.
  • Our specialist cyber division can advise on the information security risks specific to the countries you operate in.
  • ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 certified.
  • We’re obsessed with quality.
  • IT Lab is partner and solution agnostic; we’ll only ever recommend what’s in your best interests.
  • We relish sharing our knowledge and will suggest solutions you may not have considered
  • First impressions are important; we’ll get to know your team and take care that they understand what to expect from us.

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