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Technology Organisation and Operating Model

A model to ensure your services, processes and people are integrated with one another and with your business goals

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Technology Organisation and Operating Model

Corporate IT is increasingly fragmented and defined by the software and services that sit between you and your customers. The need for cohesive technology management for a unified operating model comprising multiple third-party vendors has never been greater.

Providing a highly available, high-quality service while managing vendors, staff changes and the impact of key personnel can be a challenge. We can help you define the right model to ensure your services, processes and people are integrated with one another and – more importantly – are aligned with your business goals.

The right model will help you minimise risk, get the most from  suppliers and enable you to transform operational efficiency, productivity and profit margin.

An example of our work

IT Lab support organisations define and implement the appropriate model for delivering IT services and service management. We were approached by a legal services firm that had utilised various service models however in each of the models, with various service providers, they failed to receive the quality of service that they were seeking and had contracted for.

The client approached IT Lab to provide independent advice about how to improve the quality of service delivery. We reviewed the current operating model and found that this was likely more to blame than the inherent quality of service from the suppliers.

We provided advice and an approach that enabled the customer to determine the optimal technology service model that could better deliver current services and also enable an agile approach to managing changes in the services.

We conducted a review of their current operating model including their business and user needs, IT governance and management, IT service catalogue and key service providers. We identified the current business and user challenges, system usage constraints impacting the operating model and risks associated with key service providers.

We subsequently recommended a revised operating model including changes to the internal governance model and processes as well as the outsourcing model to optimise the services delivered to users and to reduce operational risks.