Data Insights & Analytics

Driving tangible results out of your data, revealing its true value

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Data Insights & Analytics

Data is one of your most powerful currencies, however it is often difficult to exploit your data to understand the full picture of a client or product as it is spread across disparate systems isolated from one another.

IT Lab can help you discover what data your organisation has, to cleanse and match the different datasets and work out what it means through the use of advanced data analytics tools. We can support your organisation to drive tangible results out of your data, revealing its true value.

Our capabilities range from mapping and definition of data architecture, through to providing platforms to perform analysis and presentation, and manage data ongoing. We can enable your organisation to gain maximum return on investment and lead to increased business growth, through effective structuring, integration and exploitation of data.

An example of our work

IT Lab support organisations understand and exploit their data, we successfully assisted a B2B consumer goods organisation which operates in a competitive, fast-moving market.

The organisation was facing an increasingly common problem, as they became more digital they created a disaggregated system landscape which held their data in siloed systems making it difficult for them to understand what was really happening with their clients and the organisation as it continued to grow.

In order to support their growth plans and drive efficiency, they approached IT Lab to conduct a data mapping exercise to understand the current data landscape and associated processes to inform the design of a new data architecture which would collate the valuable data sets to support better reporting capabilities.

Once we understood what they needed we were able to integrate a 3rd party solution to retrieve the data from the source systems, cleanse, match and identify gaps in it. This provided a clean dataset from which we designed and implemented their required reports and clear visualisations of the information using a new architecture and Business Information Warehouse.