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Business and User Needs Driven Technology Strategy

Facilitating the marriage between user and business needs, commercial constraints and technical opportunities

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Business & User Needs Driven Technology Strategy

Business and User Needs Driven Technology Strategy

Digital will continue to be disruptive across all industries, and your organisation needs to choose the right technology for your needs.

IT Lab support organisations to maximise the effectiveness of their core business through iterative strategy development, management of digital innovation and developing a pragmatic approach to risk and complexity. User profiling facilitates the marriage between user needs, business requirements, commercial constraints and technical opportunities.

By iteratively discovering the needs of users and placing these within the wider business context, we create a foundation to deliver the right technology solutions to deliver real business value and optimised performance of operations. We are passionate about ensuring all technology is appropriate to meet the required needs of the organisation, its people and its customers.

An example of our work

IT Lab helps organisations define and implement appropriate IT strategies to guide decision-making and drive efficiency and reduce risks across the business. We were approached by a financial services firm that was growing significantly through acquisition as well as fundamentally changing the way that they operate by enabling a truly location agnostic approach to working.

An IT strategy was needed to guide future decision making for technology services and to align with their business goals which would ensure that they had the appropriate processes, solutions and operating model in place to support the growth and planned and unplanned change.

IT Lab conducted reviews of the client’s user and business needs, existing solutions to support their growth plans, the current operating model including key service providers, their IT governance, operational risks including cyber security, compliance requirements, IT infrastructure and key systems.

We then developed a strategy which leveraged what was working and proposed changes to the operating model, technical architecture and services. In doing so, the client changed their mindset significantly, and are now embracing the modern technologies needed to support their ambitious business plans.

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