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Consultancy & Change

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Typical service elements include:

Digital & Technology Strategy

Digital will continue to be disruptive across all industries. IT Lab support organisations to maximize the effectiveness of the core business, through iterative strategy development, management of digital innovation and developing a pragmatic approach to risk and complexity. Alongside our clients we help them to realise the business benefit of technology, through our ability to lead, shape, plan and deliver technology-enabled change and results.

Business & User Needs Analysis

We are passionate about ensuring all technology is appropriate to meet the required needs of the organisation, its people and its customers. User profiling facilitates the marriage between user needs, business requirements, commercial constraints and technical limitations. In iteratively discovering the needs of users and placing these within the wider business context, we create a foundation to deliver the right technology solutions to deliver real business value and optimsed performance and operations.

Insights, Innovation & Analytics

Data is one of your most powerful currencies. Discover what data your organisation has, work out what it means through the use of advanced analytics and IT Lab will support your organisation in driving tangible results out of your data. Our capabilities range from mapping and definition of data architecture, through to providing platforms to perform detailed analysis and presentation, and platforms for the management and exploitation of connected devices. We can enable your organisation to gain maximum return on investment and lead to increased business growth, through effective structuring, integration and exploitation of data.

Technology Organisation & Design

Corporate IT is increasingly fragmented; increasingly defined by the software and services that sit between you and your customers. The need for cohesive technology management to unify an operating model comprising multiple third party vendors has never been greater. We make sure your services, processes and people are integrated with one another and – more importantly – integrated with your business goals, illustrating how you can transform operational efficiency, productivity and profit margin.

Cyber Risk & Security

The threat from cybercrime is ever-evolving. A flexible strategy for protecting your business – both now and in the future – is imperative for every organisation. IT Lab can work with you to gain a realistic view of your threat profile and define your security strategy with practical, actionable advice that will give you robust protection. We also offer penetration testing and social engineering assessments where we attempt to exploit weaknesses in your security infrastructure to highlight where your defences need improving.

Application Lifecycle Management

Providing organisations with a methodology for not only assessing and qualifying the value of an application, but also for cost effective management of applications as they approach end of life, unlocking capital and resources to focus on value-enhancing transformational change.


IT Lab is a trusted Government supplier

We help government and public sector organisations
secure powerful IT services without the price tag.

Technology is changing the world

Technology is rapidly changing the way businesses are structured, the way services are delivered and the way we share data, intelligence and insights.

Technology is changing what it means to be in business, and what it means to be a human being at work.

Why IT Lab for IT Consultancy & Change?

Navigate. Integrate. Operate.

Three words that will help you achieve business goals and transform your expectations of technology.

Find out how...

Lucie Glenday

Lucie, Insights & Innovation

Navigate the changing technology landscape.

The modern technology landscape is extraordinarily complex and rapidly evolving. But when you select the technologies that best fit your unique business challenges and targets, the effect on your productivity, profitability and growth can be explosive. In short: technology can be your lever of success. IT Lab specialise in helping clients unlock opportunities to create transformative value through business-aligned technology choices. You want transparency. You want accountability. You want your IT infrastructure to integrate seamlessly. We make it happen.

Our business performance team thrives on helping clients leverage technology to drive business outcomes.

Integrate smartly, not swiftly.

Change is not always best performed at pace. We make considered technology recommendations based on your business strategy, anticipated growth or contraction, industry best practice, compliance, security, requisite agility and flexibility, application portfolio, user experience, budget and existing investment. We propose proofs of concept and phased implementations to make sure your technology is the success it should be. And we issue advice, leadership and support to guide you through transitioning to new technology models – with SLAs and OLAs to make sure we hit out targets.

Whether it’s a technology revolution or a new security protocol, we give you a road-map for change backed by extensive knowledge and support.

Navigate Consultancy

Stefano, Support Services Engineer

Natalie, Strategic Projects

Operate with industry-leading guidance at your fingertips.

For clients who want ongoing innovation and growth through technology, we form fertile partnerships to support future technology design and implementation. When you have questions, new ambitions and programmes of work, you can call on us for review, assurance and expert advice. We will guide you through technology strategies, decision making and sourcing requirements. You can even use our advisors as a virtual CTO service – with all the discretion you would expect.

We take a long view approach to growth, advising on iterative technology strategy development and management of digital innovation.


Award-winning IT Support. Count on it.

IT Lab is a three-star Service Desk Institute-accredited service provider. We are also ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. Our name is globally-recognised in the industry and we manage the demands of over 850 clients. We can do the same for you.