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Drive profit, productivity and insight with appropriate technology designed to help you to achieve your business goals.


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Why IT Lab for IT Consultancy & Change?

Navigate. Integrate. Operate.

Three words that will help you achieve business goals and transform
your expectations of technology.

Find out how...

Lucie, Insights and Innovation

Lucie, , Insights & Innovation


Navigate the changing technology landscape.

The modern technology landscape is extraordinarily complex and rapidly evolving. But when you select the technologies that best fit your unique business challenges and targets, the effect on your productivity, profitability and growth can be explosive. In short: technology can be your lever of success. IT Lab specialise in helping clients unlock opportunities to create transformative value through business-aligned technology choices. You want transparency. You want accountability. You want your IT infrastructure to integrate seamlessly. We make it happen.

Our business performance team thrives on helping clients leverage technology to drive business outcomes.

Integrate smartly, not swiftly.

Change is not always best performed at pace. We make considered technology recommendations based on your business strategy, anticipated growth or contraction, industry best practice, compliance, security, requisite agility and flexibility, application portfolio, user experience, budget and existing investment. We propose proofs of concept and phased implementations to make sure your technology is the success it should be. And we issue advice, leadership and support to guide you through transitioning to new technology models – with SLAs and OLAs to make sure we hit out targets.

Whether it’s a technology revolution or a new security protocol, we give you a road-map for change backed by extensive knowledge and support.

Stefano, Support Services Engineer

Stefano, Support Services Engineer

Natalie, Strategic Projects

Natalie, , Strategic Projects

Operate with industry-leading guidance at your fingertips.

For clients who want ongoing innovation and growth through technology, we form fertile partnerships to support future technology design and implementation. When you have questions, new ambitions and programmes of work, you can call on us for review, assurance and expert advice. We will guide you through technology strategies, decision making and sourcing requirements. You can even use our advisors as a virtual CTO service – with all the discretion you would expect.

We take a long view approach to growth, advising on iterative technology strategy development and management of digital innovation.


Award-winning IT Support. Count on it.

IT Lab is a three-star Service Desk Institute-accredited service provider. We’re also ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 certified. Our name is globally-recognised in the industry and we manage the demands of over 850 clients. We can do the same for you.