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Pegasus Opera

A cost-effective accounting and business management system

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Pegasus Opera

Pegasus Opera

A cost-effective accounting and business management system

Opera 3 is a cost-effective accounting and business management system. It combines cash flow analysis and reporting, HMRC-accredited payroll and HR, supply chain management and sales pipeline functions. This eliminates the need for separate line-of-business systems and provides event-based alerts to keep you on top of business performance in real-time.

IT Lab has been a Pegasus specialist since 1985 and is one of a handful of partners to achieve Pegasus Strategic Partner status.

Opera 3 helps you to:

  • Analyse your cash flow. With detailed cash flow analysis, Opera 3 will instantly become an invaluable tool to monitor your profit generation
  • Control your supply chain. Opera 3 offers full control of your supply chain at your fingertips
  • Remain compliant. Complex payroll functions are made quick and easy and HMRC accreditation ensures you remain compliant
  • Manage prospects. Opera 3 CRM helps you to work smarter, manage prospects and opportunities better and ultimately convert them into sales
  • Retrieve documents. Store all your business documents in one central location, save time and never lose paperwork again

Is Opera 3 suitable for your business?

Opera 3 is suitable for most business types but particularly:

  • Small to medium sized organisations which require ‘own pace’ solutions.
  • Those with a requirement for a strong accounting, payroll and HR solution, without excessive costs
  • Businesses and organisations which require flexible development to support very specific, often unique, business processes
  • Those with a requirement for flexible reporting and analysis functions that can grow with the business