Creating Solutions for Housing Providers

IT Support for Housing


IT Lab is helping 4,550 housing staff manage over 150,000 properties

With new monetary and compliance issues impacting private and social housing providers, there is a pressure to become leaner and reduce costs. By bringing together your disparate systems and streamlining your technology, IT Lab can help you realise significant operational efficiences.

We can support you with every aspect of your IT, including cybersecurity, GDPR, and updating your legacy architecture. We can also ensure the protection of your vital data with user-friendly tools such as user verification.

Our navigate, integrate and operate approach can empower your organisation to optimise your IT budget and meet the future with ease and resilience.


How technology can make the difference

At IT Lab, we support housing providers in a wide variety of ways, including 24-hour IT support, implementing cloud services, real-time security monitoring and more. Stonewater, Paragon Asra and Great Places are just some of the housing sector clients we are proud to work with.

Our knowledge of mergers and acquisitions is of value to the housing sector, together with our experience managing legacy systems and delivering modern infrastructures.