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IT Support for Charities


IT Lab helps charities process £1.7bn+ a year

Each and every day, charities make a measurable difference to the people and communities who need them. By providing end-to-end IT Support, IT Lab ensures this work is supported by reliable, optimised technology. From reviewing infrastructure and providing a 24/7 IT service desk, to offering expert consultancy on subjects ranging from cybersecurity to the GDPR, our service includes everything a charity needs to enhance its fundraising, spending, operations and accountability.

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How technology can make the difference

We know the importance of every penny and how users – from trustees to volunteers – benefit from simple, cost-effective technology. We’ve helped a range of charities, including Diabetes UK and Save the Children International, to implement better IT platforms and processes across a combined 19,000 plus employees. With technology-enabled fundraising channels, evidenced cash control systems, information sharing, data security and performance analytics, there are plenty of ways for charities to raise and manage money more efficiently and effectively.