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The State of Cyber Security in Greater Manchester

[eBook]: The State of Cyber Security


How Does Your Security Compare to Other Businesses in the County? 

Late in 2018, the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce and IT Lab invited thousands of Manchester businesses to answer a far-reaching cyber security survey.

We wanted to understand how people like you – managers, directors and business owners – handle their cyber security in Manchester. What are their experiences of cyber-crime? Are they protecting their assets sufficiently? Who takes responsibility?  

Our eBook shares the highly anticipated results of the cyber security survey and is the voice of 18 sectors. Some of the findings are encouraging; others worrying.

Michael Bateman is a respected cyber security expert. In addition to his role as IT Lab’s Director of Cyber, Bateman sits on an independent board which advises on national security.  We asked Bateman to comment on the findings and share his advice.


The state of cyber security 20-page ebook includes:  

  • Data breaches; is there a common cause?
  • What’s the worst consequence of a cyberattack?
  • What are businesses like yours doing to safeguard themselves?
  • How frequently are your peers backing up their data?
  • How often – if at all – are staff trained in cyber security?

Alongside the results of this cyber security report, you’ll find a wealth of trusted resources and guidance. If you’re a member of the GMCC, you'll also have the opportunity to access a range of security services at specially discounted rates.  

Whatever your security posture – and whether you’re technical or not - you’ll find something in this eBook which helps you or your colleagues.