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Sports and Event Management

[Brochure]: Microsoft Dynamics: Transforming the Sports and Event Management Sectors


Microsoft Dynamics: A Single Source of Truth for Your Reporting and Analytics 

Imagine you've just held an event: a football match, maybe a different spectator sport, perhaps a rock concert. Now imagine the data from that event is before you, in precisely the format you need. The information is empowering you with deep insights and predictive metrics. You’re using it to make fast tactical decisions, inform strategy and –
above all – succeed.

If this isn’t your reality, you’re not alone. From an enterprise applications perspective, the sports stadia, entertainment and event management sectors continue to wrestle with the complexities of siloed data. It costs finance teams hours of toil extracting and reconciling the intelligence before they can even begin to draw value from it. 

Our eBook addresses these classic challenges: 

  • Much of your data resides in silos 
  • Your financial and management reporting is time and labour intensive
  • You juggle with multiple business applications 
  • You have numerous and diverse revenue streams 
  • Your ERP solutions lag behind your other technologies
  • You spend too much time looking in the rear-view mirror extracting and reconciling data
  • The pressures on reporting are mounting

And sets out how you can: 

  • Have high quality information at your fingertips after every event
  • Enjoy unparalleled insights and predictive metrics
  • Spend more time as a value-adding, forward looking analyst
  • Deliver an outstanding service to your business
  • Play a pivotal role optimising growth and profitability 
  • Run your venue or stadia more simply 

Allow enterprise applications specialist Rob Jones to take you on a tour of Microsoft Dynamics and read what your peers have to say about the solution. Download the eBook today.