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How to Protect Sensitive Recruitment Data

With User-Friendly Technologies and Trusted Services [eBook]

In the recruitment industry, your data and relationships are the bedrock of your success.

If your sensitive information were to be lost, stolen or leaked, the financial consequences could be severe. Your reputation could be harmed, driving clients and candidates to your competitors.

Equally, any operational downtime recovering from a data breach could be crippling. A robust strategy to keep your data safe and out of the wrong hands is crucial. Fundamentally, the best controls are those which:

  • Are appropriate; your security measures should be balanced with your risk appetite.
  • Are straightforward to implement and manage.
  • Fit how your business operates and how your users work.
  • Reduce the likelihood of a data breach.
  • Contain and minimise the consequences of a successful breach.
  • Don’t frustrate or hinder your user-base.
  • Aid compliance with important regulations, such as GDPR.
  • Are scalable and cost-effective.

In this guide, we introduce and explain user friendly technologies and trusted services for your sector so that you have more time to focus on your core activities.