Charities: Rich Pickings and a Soft Target for Cyber Criminals?

[eBook]: Protect Your Charity in an Evolving Digital World

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Cybercrime and Charities: The Research, the Attitudes and the Answers

A plain English guide to the risks, threats and mitigations for charities

Hackers see charities as a viable target. They are perceived to sit on cash and spend frugally on defence. Charities are under as much threat as the private sector, but research has revealed some worrying beliefs which could be making some more vulnerable. Could your charity be one of them?

At IT Lab, our security experts work with charities of all sizes to protect their data, their systems and their reputations. We care about the crucial work you do and have written this guide with practical takeaways you can share with your colleagues.

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You will learn:

What other charities thinK ABOUT CYBERCRIME

Highlights from major research in your sector; the differing attitudes, assumptions and beliefs. Includes a link for deeper reading.


As a charity, some of the challenges you face are different from the commercial sector. What are they, and what are the drivers for improving security?

the personal and organisational risks from cyber

Understand the risks and the types of people – the threat actors – you and your charity may be vulnerable to right now.


What the different types of malware are, and how to protect against them.

social engineering

Social engineering is increasingly sophisticated and comes in many guises. How to spot the clever tricks to prevent you or your colleagues from falling victim.

good practice cyber protection

Tips, insights and guidance to share with your team to improve your cybersecurity.

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