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Free Cyber Security Assessment  

improve your ORGANISATION'S security posture 

Do you have a solid understanding of your security vulnerabilities? If your systems were hacked or your users compromised, how quickly would you know? What would you do in the event of a cyber attack? 

The burden of keeping your organisation safe can be overwhelming. Knowing where best to focus your energies and time is often the hardest part, and calls for skills and experience that may not be in the gift of your IT team.

Let us help you with our complimentary cybersecurity assessment, tailored to reflect your current level of cyber hygiene. Our free audit may include:

  • A review of your current cybersecurity posture.
  • The main threats your organisation faces, in context with their potential impact.
  • An appraisal of your security goals and attitude to risk.
  • A roadmap to improving your security – realistic, achievable, prioritised.
  • Consultancy, from across our accredited team who cover a variety of cyber security disciplines.

Our cyber security team is a specialist division and will place your best interests at heart.