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Because Digital Defences Alone Are Not Enough 

We often imagine hackers as faceless individuals, working behind computers in dimly-lit rooms. But what if your attacker is in plain sight? He could be standing in your reception now. He's highly professional and plausible; he might even have ID. Would your employees let him in?  

A physical social engineering assessment, conducted by a skilled member of our ethical hacking team, is the safe way to test your bricks and mortar defences and the vigilance of your employees. 


  • A sound understanding of your company's external and internal physical security weaknesses and;
  • The likely consequences of a successful physical attack, allowing you to see your vulnerabilities in context with the risks.
  • The knowledge to make informed decisions regarding potential remedial actions.
  • Advice on remediation and expert, follow on support should you require it, e.g. staff training programmes, guidance on policies. 

Collectively, our qualified Physical Social Engineers have more than 25 years experience and a 100% success rate covertly breaching business premises.   

We'll equip you with the information you need to protect your physical boundaries and minimise the risk of unauthorised access. 

All Physical Social Engineering assessments are tailored to your  organisation's specific circumstances. 

Contact us today for a no-obligation quote. Our helpful team will be glad to assist you.