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IT Strategy Briefing 2014 - Highlights

Events / November 20, 2014

At our IT Strategy Briefing in November at the Concorde Conference Centre more than 250 delegates saw a series of insightful presentations covering a range of key IT topics and a host of market-leading exhibitors showcasing their latest offerings.

Highlights from ITSB 2014

JMC event speech
Mark Summers and Peter Wilson from IT Lab (previously JMC IT) discuss a range of innovative IT solutions that meet the needs of today's businesses.
JMC Event expo area
The busy expo area with market-leading supplier stands and tours of the world famous Concorde for everyone.
George Tubb speech
George Tubb and a 'virtual' James Akrigg from Microsoft giving an insight into the latest Microsoft solutions.
Malcom Sykes demonstration of Microsoft Azure
Malcolm Sykes from IT Lab (previously JMC IT) gives an in-depth demonstration of Microsoft Azure, presenting the wide range of solutions provided by the cloud platform.
Dell exhibit
Dell exhibiting in the Expo area, showcase some of their latest laptops, tablets and servers.


Video presentations from ITSB14

Re-engineering Your Business Through IT Innovation


Peter Wilson, Senior Technical Architect and Mark Summers, Head of Technology Sales from IT Lab (previously JMC IT) discuss a range of innovative IT solutions that meet the needs of today's businesses.

Topics covered include:

  • The common IT needs that businesses have
  • The Microsoft Cloud ecosystem - including Micosoft Azure and Office 365
  • The importance of an integrated platform for a fully effective network solution
  • Growth and agility - Adapting to change and getting the most of your technology
  • Business anywhere - How to allow your colleagues to work easily, wherever they are
  • Safeguard your business - Preparing for the unexpected and protecting your data
  • Data Intelligence - Understanding your customer and increasing your sales

Mobile First, Cloud First and Modern Working


George Tubb, Cloud Partner Development Manager and James Akrigg, Head of Technology for Partners from Microsoft discuss the trends shaping the future of IT, with an insight into the latest technology solutions from Microsoft.

Topics covered include:

  • Office 365 and platform integration
  • Yammer - Enterprise Social Networking Tool
  • Windows 10 Preview Demonstration
  • Project Siena - An upcoming business tool for creating transformative business apps
  • Big Data and machine learning

What is Microsoft Azure? - In-depth Demonstration


Malcolm Sykes, Technical Director from IT Lab (previously JMC IT) gives an in-depth demonstration of Microsoft Azure, presenting the wide range of solutions provided by the cloud platform.

Topics covered include:

  • Microsoft Azure - the facts and figures
  • Backing Up Data to Azure
  • Deploying Virtual Machines in Azure
  • Azure Cloud Identity