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IT Lab Group Announces Support for Microsoft Managed Desktop Globally

Press Releases, Announcements / July 15, 2019

15 July 2019, London: Today IT Lab Group (Content and Code + IT Lab + Perspective Risk) announced it is now an Authorised Microsoft Managed Desktop Partner providing global end-user support services alongside the Microsoft Managed Desktop service.



IT Lab Group is now in a unique position to deliver Microsoft 365 as a fully managed desktop service, including security, across Microsoft’s three clouds.

Making the announcement, IT Lab’s CEO, Peter Sweetbaum said: The IT Lab Group is delighted to be working so closely with Microsoft at the forefront of bringing this valuable new service to market. Having helped to develop the business case for Microsoft Managed Desktop, we are excited to be announced as a support partner for Microsoft Managed Desktop globally, supporting our customers to realise the value of this new managed service and bringing the power of Microsoft’s three clouds to the desktop.”

What is Microsoft Managed Desktop?

Microsoft Managed Desktop is a cloud-based IT management and security monitoring service that helps businesses deliver a seamless user experience and frees up IT focusing on basic desktop management services. Microsoft Managed Desktop customers benefit from up-to-date, secure and monitored devices; a great end-user experience; and actionable insights.

Dan Noakes, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft: We are pleased to collaborate with IT Lab — an Authorised Microsoft Managed Desktop partner — to enable IT Lab to incorporate our managed desktop services as part of their service offering. IT Lab shares Microsoft Managed Desktop’s vision of digital transformation and they have been an important early partner for us. We are excited to work together to elevate the desktop management experience.”

The Microsoft Managed Desktop service is built on top of Microsoft 365, leveraging the modern Microsoft platform technologies Microsoft Managed Desktop wraps the entire experience into a compelling managed service for clients.

A proactive managed service is delivered by Microsoft, including but not limited to device configuration, security monitoring, app deployment and update management.  Take a deeper dive of the Microsoft Managed Desktop here

IT Lab Group Extending Core Microsoft Managed Desktop Support for Businesses Globally

For businesses looking to embrace the value of Microsoft Managed Desktop, IT Lab Group is in the unique position to help.

Tim Wallis, IT Lab Chief Digital Officer, stated: "We have a long-standing tradition of helping organisations across the globe focus on their highest value activities. Most organisations have already decided to move their email and productivity tools to the cloud – as Microsoft are better able to take the burden of running, patching and updating these with a lower total cost of ownership. The same is now true for managing the desktop.”

With the additional layer of Microsoft 365 Security E5 and the Microsoft Managed Desktop service, and an ‘evergreen’ approach to updates, the risk of a security breach is also significantly reduced.

Microsoft Managed Desktop is a win-win for employees, for IT departments and finance teams alike. IT Lab Group has developed a proven business case and return on investment calculator to help organisations assess the return on investment of a Microsoft Managed Desktop solution. Now, as one of the support partners globally for Microsoft Managed Desktop, IT Lab Group can not only help you assess the value proposition of Microsoft Managed Desktop, but implement and realise the value of your investment.

For support, or further information on Microsoft Managed Desktop, please contact us.Microsoft Managed Desktop CTA