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The Changing Digital World: ITSB 2016

Events / September 1, 2016

IT Lab Event Reveals Insights into the Changing Digital World at Leading IT Strategy Event

Our annual IT Strategy Briefings (ITSB) showcased how organisations can utilise innovative technology and adapt to the rapidly changing digital world to drive success and business growth.

IT Lab was joined at ITSB 2016 by partners Dell, Egnyte, Microsoft, Mimecast, Okta and Zscaler. Presentations from four industry experts explored ITSB16’s key theme: ‘Driving Success in a Changing Digital World’.  The events were held at the Concorde Conference Centre at Manchester Airport and then at The McLaren Technology Centre.

A Word from IT Lab CEO Peter Sweetbaum

“ITSB is a unique event and a valuable opportunity for UK business leaders to evaluate their IT strategies and discuss their challenges with industry experts. We’re not only demonstrating to businesses what innovative and disruptive technology is out there, but also how these can be applied with pragmatism to drive success.

“The continued strong support for ITSB demonstrates the increasing acknowledgement from business leaders that you don’t have to be a technologist to use technology to change your business, and that adapting to new technologies truly can drive significant success.”

Highlights From ITSB 2016

Scroll down for access to video presentations from the day or view the full photo gallery from ITSB North and ITSB South

ITSB Michael Bateman presentation
Michael Bateman, Principal Consultant, IT Lab, set the tone with an insightful presentation, detailing how the speed of technology is progressing faster than ever before.
Mike Bracken CDO Co-op presentation
Mike Bracken, Chief Digital Officer for the Co-operative Group, engaged the ITSB16 audience with a presentation focused on people and the end-user. Bracken presented the notion to businesses that how they think about technology should be defined by how they think of their own services.
Lucie Glenday presentation
Lucie Glenday, Leading Insights and Innovation at IT Lab, shared the latest advances in automation and data, and how both are playing a pivotal role in industries ranging from health and social care to the financial sector and beyond.
Bryan Glick presentation
Bryan Glick, editor in chief of Computer Weekly, provided the latest in technology industry insights, questioning what digital transformation truly means, discussing the future of tech and what the ‘next big thing’ will be.
ITSB conclusion speech James Akrigg
Concluding the ITSB16’s presentations, James Akrigg, Head of Technology for Partners at Microsoft, explored the role of technology in the modern workplace
Expo area McLaren Technology Centre
Guests interacted with our technology partners on the floor of the Boulevard at the McLaren Technology Centre


ITSB16 keynote presentations

The Changing Digital World

Presented by Michael Bateman
Principal Consultant at IT Lab
ITSB North on 19th April 2016


Digital Transformation and the User

Presented by Mike Bracken
Chief Digital Officer for The Co-operative Group
ITSB North on 19th April 2016


Insights and Innovation

Presented by Lucie Glenday
Leading Insights and Innovation at IT Lab
ITSB South on 21st June 2016



Technology Industry Insights

Presented by Bryan Glick
Editor in Chief of Computer Weekly
ITSB South on 21st June 2016



Expo Exhibitors