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Secure by Design

Secure by Design

Recorded At IT Lab’s It Strategy Briefing At Mclaren’s Thought Leadership Centre On 19th September 2017

The ransomware explosion is relentless, as is the varying nature of the threats we face.  Criminals want our data, money or IP, and the cyber-crime market is increasingly sophisticated. Social engineering tools, tactics and bots are advancing. Hacktivists seek to disrupt business and script-kiddies want to make a name for themselves.

A data breach presents serious problems for businesses on many levels: it is disruptive, costly, and can harm reputations. The data we hold in our enterprises is both an asset and a liability – and we should treat it as such.  We need to think about the information we store and process and how it flows around our organisations. Who is accessing our data?  Understanding what is normal activity – and what is not, helps us highlight potential attacks. This demands an integrated and adaptive approach to cybersecurity.  We should also consider the human, as well as the technical element when we create security controls.


Panel Host:

  • Michael Bateman – Cyber Director, IT Lab

On the Panel:

  • Pravesh Kara – Head of Cyber, Perspective Risk
  • Oscar O’Connor – CISO, TrackBack
  • Tim Orchard – Head of Presales, UKIMEA, Financial Crime & Cyber Security, BAE Systems Applied Security
  • Henry Seddon – VP EMEA, Duo Security
  • Dan Sloshberg – Director Product Marketing, Mimecast

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