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The eyes and ears for your business  

IT Lab's Security Operations Centre (SOC)

IT Lab's Security Operations Centre (SOC) is a new, custom built facility operating from our Manchester office 24/7/365. 

SOC is a powerful combination of cybersecurity experts and advanced multi-layered technologies.

SOC exists to protect your business by:

  • Significantly reducing the likelihood of a successful cyber-attack.
  • Rapidly containing and minimising the consequences of a successful breach. 

SOC is available at a fraction of the cost, complexity and resource you would need to deliver a comparable model in-house. Our Security Operations Centre offers: 

  • Round the clock security monitoring; watching for attacks and infections.
  • In an ocean of threats, our expert analysis and triaging ensures attention is focussed when and where it’s needed most.  
  • Pragmatic, actionable advice for rapid prevention and / or remediation.
  • As appropriate, delivery and / or assistance with the above. 
  • Regular updates and intelligence sharing, including direct telephone calls. Depending on the nature of our arrangement with you, this can include your access to real-time reporting dashboards and mobile alerts. 
  • Support with vital compliance, e.g. FCA regulations, PCI DSS requirements, GDPR, ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials PLUS etc.

No matter how complex your workloads or environment, we can help and ensure you and your team are not buried under the noise.

To discuss how our SOC can help your organisation, please give us your details and we'll contact you.