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Adaptive Technology Model

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Adapting to the new world

The use of apps in the consumer world is rapidly impacting the way businesses think about technology. Is your team truly able to seamlessly and securely operate with applications of their choosing – from any device, anywhere, at any time?

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Take an Adaptive Approach to the App Economy

At IT Lab, we see organisations striving to adopt truly flexible technology models, but not necessarily an appreciation of how to get there.

Ultimately, success depends on your organisation having an adaptable technology operating framework which supports the speedy, seamless and secure implementation of flexible, web-delivered services.

Our solution is the adoption of an Adaptive Technology Model.

Five key enablers critical to implementing an Adaptive Technology Model

Hybrid Cloud Services


Software Defined Networking


Secure by Design


Identity and Access Management


Data Integration

“IT Lab’s Adaptive Technology Model will help organisations have the necessary internal dialogue about how to better harness technology, particularly in an ever-growing SaaS and app driven world. It provides a common framework for meeting the needs across different parts of an organisation – including the IT function – to work together in support of the overall mission.”
Andy Beale

Former Chief Technology Officer,
HM Government & Principal
and Co-founder, Stance

Defines the frameworks and building blocks of an Adaptive Technology Model

Describes the key enablers to achieving an Adaptive Technology Model

Empowers organisations to adapt to and benefit from rapidly changing technologies

Increases the agility necessary to adapt to an increasingly competitive world

Addresses common challenges, including breaking down silos, journeying to the cloud and cyber security

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