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Need A Fast Start to Remote Working?

Is your organisation ready for remote working?

Microsoft Teams Remote Working FastStart

Need support in adapting quickly to better home working and collaboration in light of recent global events? In line with Microsoft's commitment to supporting remote working, we can help you get up and running quickly with Microsoft Teams – ensuring your business can continue to run effectively from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

With FastStart, we can equip your organisation with a flexible tool that allows instant, informal, work-focused communication and collaboration. From instant messaging, audio and video calls, to screen sharing and real-time collaboration, Teams makes it easy for you and your team to work remotely.




How Does Remote Working FastStart work?

Using an approach that's battle-tested across companies ranging from 50 to 50,000 users, our Remote Working FastStart framework assesses your current situation and identifies the critical executions needed to move forward at speed. Our team of certified experts will then deal with technology enablement and business change – equipping your team with the best ways and right knowledge to use the tools effectively without face-to-face training.

The Remote Working FastStart framework is delivered by Content and Code, an award-winning IT Lab Company.




 Remote Working Governance, Adoption and Training  

Suitable for any sized organisation or team, this package is designed to introduce your organisation to Teams and ensure you comply with best practice and good governance from the beginning. This option includes:  

  • An online workshop to define data management and governance settings before starting your Teams deployment   

  • Training for users (delivered through Teams) on the basics to get you started with Teams and best practice approaches for successful use. 

  • Follow-up drop-in support sessions (delivered through Teams) to help your users  maximising the value of Teams    


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 Remote Working FastStart: Complete

Our Remote Working FastStart: Complete is suitable for organisations not yet using Office 365. This engagement provides the full structure that will enable you to quickly deploy the platform – taking advantage of Microsoft's 6-month free E1 licensing offer if appropriate.

Using our experience as Microsoft's trusted partner in hundreds of successful Office 365 and Microsoft Teams deployments, we can take your organisation rapidly through license procurement, Office 365 tenant creation and configuration, through to enabling e-mail, SharePoint document management and embedding working practices.


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 Remote Working FastStart: Launch

If Office 365 is already in place in your organisation, but Teams is not yet deployed or widely adopted, then we can help you start utilising your Teams licenses.

Our consultants will run fully remote training sessions to provide you and your team with the core knowledge and basic training needed to successfully use Microsoft Teams.

We'll teach you Teams etiquette and provide you with the best practices for using Teams. From how to use Teams to keep in touch with colleagues and people outside of the business, to the best ways to work and collaborate effectively – whether that's solely in Teams or alongside your existing solutions – our Teams training sessions will be tailored to suit your needs and requirements.

Get in touch about Remote Working FastStart now.