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GDPR Compliance

and Audit

IT Lab’s holistic approach to the General Data Protection Regulation ensures you’ve got it covered.

Uniquely approaching the new data privacy law from all angles:

IT - Cyber - Legal

Our technology, risk management and data privacy experts work as one to help you achieve – and maintain – compliance with the GDPR.


The first logical step towards understanding your compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation is a comprehensive review of where you are now. To control personal data, you must know what you have and where it is. A simple premise, but multiple technologies, legacy systems, supply chains, the cloud and physical locations present a complex reality.

With the reliance on spreadsheets for many processing activities, key data can also lie on staff workstations, posing another challenge not only in identifying it, but protecting it.

IT Lab’s data audit and mapping, combined with a review of your technology architecture and processes, provides a clear-eyed view of your privacy maturity and the risks specific to your organisation.


The GDPR heralds some of the strictest – and most punitive – data protection laws in the world. Spanning 91 Articles, it will have a profound impact on how organisations collect, access and use personal information.

Your business will be compliant with some of the principles already, as the GDPR is a (significantly) beefed up version of the UK Data Protection Act 1998, which it replaces.

IT Lab’s data and privacy impact assessment affords peace of mind by confirming the elements of the regulation you are already meeting. Crucially, we’ll also identity the work that needs to be done. Areas of non-conformance are placed in context with the legal and cyber security risks, allowing resources to be prioritised.


Practically speaking, how are the principles of the GDPR applied day-to-day? The GDPR imposes many new obligations on organisations, meaning that personal data must be managed under stricter conditions.

Control encompasses data retention, deletion and portability alongside data subject consent and withdrawal. IT Lab can act as or support your DPO and guide on policy, including contracts and third party relationships.

Where required, our technologists will cleanse your data, re-engineer your systems and guide you towards new procedures and innovations.


Much has been written of the fines organisations face in the event of a data breach. At IT Lab, we take the wider view: lost or stolen information is not confined to financial pain or operational inconvenience.

Compromised personal data undermines trust, reputation and stakeholder confidence. Our specialist cyber security team help to mitigate current and emerging threats.  We’ll also address the risks from a legal perspective and steer you away from potential pot holes.


Reaching compliance is just part of the piece. How do you monitor it across an evolving IT environment and ever changing risk landscape? You desire total visibility, as well as evidence to satisfy the regulators.

Our information management tools include reporting of data subject consent, data quality and supply chain control. Continuous security monitoring enables a proactive approach for defending against threat actors.


The GDPR demands a strategy of continuous compliance. With powerful intelligence provided via our reporting tools, we’ll work with you to review and maintain your compliance from both a regulatory and cyber risk perspective.

With IT Lab’s agile technology and continues risk reduction, your GDPR compliance solution will be fit for the future as well as today.


How can IT Lab help with the GDPR?

It is important that companies understand the risks to their data and how to minimise them. With our experience in data and process mapping, business systems, technology infrastructure and cyber security, IT Lab is well placed to support this process.

IT Lab has created a GDPR Audit Guide designed to help you assess the impact of the new laws and plan for compliance and ongoing management.

Download the GDPR Audit Guide for more details

To arrange an IT Lab GDPR Audit for your business, request a call-back below or contact us and we’d be happy to discuss your requirements.