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[Event] Unleash Your Most Valuable Asset: Data

A Special Event for Finance Directors and Chief financial officers in Manchester 

Do you spend so much time looking in the rear-view mirror you don't have time to focus on the road ahead? Many small and medium businesses run their organisations on the basis of historical data. Catch our blog - Finance: A New Culture of Delivery

Join IT Lab and the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce for a thought leadership event and network with your peers. Learn how businesses are using cloud technologies to transform how they make crucial business decisions.

Come to the Manchester Chamber and learn how:

  • to use data to predict the future and make better informed decisions
  • harness cloud services alongside your current applications
  • machine learning can lift your data analytics burden and offer fresh insights 

As the GMCC's Technology Services Patron, we're delighted that their Finance Director,  Mike Mason, will also be sharing his experiences. 


exports_rob jones

Rob Jones

Director of Enterprise Applications, IT Lab

With over 20 years’ experience, Rob is a subject matter expert in ERP system selection, implementation and strategy.


Kate Hutchinson

Enterprise Applications Managing Consultant, IT Lab

Kate is a long-standing member of IT Lab’s Enterprise Applications team. She manages a team of ERP consultants and oversees all system implementations projects within IT Lab.



Mark Summers

Head of Business Development, IT Lab

Mark has been helping IT Lab clients for 16 years to navigate the world of business technology, to ensure that their IT strategy meets the demands of their organisation.