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[On-Demand] An Introduction to Red Teaming

Understanding Your IT Security With A Real World, Simulated Attack

How effective is your cybersecurity? No doubt you have several measures in place to protect your perimeter and network. Perhaps you've had some penetration testing done.

The National Cyber Security Centre and the National Crime Agency paint an alarming picture: the threats to UK business are significant, growing and increasingly sophisticated. Last year was punctuated by cyber-attacks on a scale and boldness never seen before.

To truly understand your defences, you need to see your business through the eyes of cyber-criminals. Only then will you have a realistic picture of your detection and response capabilities.

Watch this exciting on-demand webinar hosted by Michael Bateman - IT Lab's Director of Cyber and an advisor to government, and members of our elite security team.

They unpack the mindset and strategies of hackers and share fascinating insights into the pitiless and egotistical world of cyber-crime.

Bateman and his team also get you thinking differently by exploring the merits of focussed, point-in-time security testing versus red team simulations.


  • What's red teaming?
  • Is red teaming more effective than penetration testing?
  • Real-world examples of red team engagements and the surprising vulnerabilities they uncovered.
  • Are you ready for red teaming?
  • Q&A with our specialist red team.

Take a proactive approach to your security: explore our Penetration Testing and Red Teaming services.