[On Demand] Cyber Resiliency

How to Recover from a Data Breach

Data breaches happen in many ways: a phishing email, the accidental sharing of sensitive information or a disgruntled employee. Each of these scenarios demands time fixing and recovering.  

In this free webinar, we look at three real life scenarios where a breach occurred and  walk through what to do if it happens to you. 

You also see how Mimecast makes the remediation process easy. 




Peter Wilson

Head of Technology Consulting Services, IT Lab

Peter has been with IT Lab for over 20 years and has experience of the wide-ranging technologies businesses have used over this time. He manages a skilled team who vet all IT designs and help our clients adopt new systems to benefit all areas of their business.


Steven Wills

Senior Sales Engineer, Mimecast

Steve has worked for Mimecast for 7 years, having had various roles in internal IT for organisations such as Associated Newspapers, Gap and TK Maxx. Steve has extensive knowledge and appreciation of the challenges that IT Teams are faced with daily, complemented by his experience working with customers who have implemented Mimecast.