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Cyber Strategy – Simulated Attacks to Truly Expose Cyber Risk


Using Red Teaming Simulation Techniques to Act as an Attacker Would

This exciting event is focused on helping CIOs, CISOs and those responsible for risk and governance to understand the possibilities for the next wave of cyber risk strategies.

Most organisations have implemented the basics of network and perimeter protections and many use point in time penetration testing through to fully managed SOC (Security Operations Centre). The increasing use of alternative tactics by attackers can be best defended by understanding their strategies.

In this session we'll demonstrate the value of moving from narrowly scoped point in time testing to Red Team simulations. We will unpack the mind and approaches of cyber attackers to better inform the development of an organisation's protective and defensive strategies and capabilities.


on the day

Introduction: Getting Closer to Reality - Taking the Handcuffs Off 

Session 1: Simulated Attacks and Objective Led Testing

Session 2: [Demo] Replicating real-world adversaries’ TTPs (Tactics, Techniques and Procedures)


Session 3: Shades of Purple: Red to Strengthen Blue

Q & A


Exclusive Tour of the McLaren Technology Centre*

* A behind the scenes private tour of the McLaren Technology Centre including heritage cars from McLaren’s successful Indy 500, CanAm and F1 championship wins. Following this, guests are treated to an in-depth, access behind the scenes to the McLaren F1 race team.


MICHAEL BATEMAN - Director of Cyber and Managed Services


Director of Cyber and Managed Services

Kai Stimpson - Principal Consultant

Kai Stimpson

Principal Consultant

SASHA RALJIC - Principal Consultant


Principal Consultant


James Chamberlain

Security Consultant