Microsoft's Modern Workplace in Action

How to empower employees to be creative, collaborate and stay SECURE

This event has ended but you can read the highlights and access useful resources by clicking here.

IT bosses face an array of complex issues: from enabling flexible working and promoting collaboration, to keeping devices secure and up-to-date.  IT teams commonly tell us:

  • My users want the latest technology
  • I want more predictable costs
  • I want to focus on my core business
  • I’m drowning in complexity
  • I want to be more strategic

Microsoft’s cloud technologies address these issues. 

Join us at Microsoft's Modern Workplace in Action event on the 4th of April. Accredited consultants will show you how to address your challenges with cloud technologies.  

Don't worry - this isn't 'death by PowerPoint'. To ensure you get maximum value from the day, we'll be demonstrating the technology so you leave with practical insights.

Introduction: Building the Business Case

Dan Coleby introduces the event by sharing his experience of building a business case for digital transformation.

Session 1: Unlocking Creativity to Support Teamwork

Steve Goodman - Principle Technology Strategist, Content and Code - explains how the productivity features in Microsoft Office 365 support users and how Microsoft Teams improves collaboration and drives productivity.

Session 2: Integrating for Simplicity

Pete Wilson - Head of Technology Consulting Services, IT Lab - discusses how to use Microsoft InTune to manage and maintain modern Windows 10 endpoints in a digital world. This session will also introduce Microsoft Managed Desktop - a comprehensive solution that provides the best user-experiences with the latest technology, all backed by Microsoft.

Session 3: Intelligent Security

Michael Bateman - Director of Cyber and Managed Services, IT Lab - discusses how you can harness the power of Microsoft's cloud security services, such as Advanced Threat Protection and the risk-based identity management of Azure Active Directory.  We'll explain how these technologies enable your organisation to stay secure in an evolving digital workplace.

Close: The Steps to Developing a Modern Workplace

Tim Wallace shares his experience of the stages you need to consider when commencing your journey to a Modern Workplace.

Modern Workplace Assessment

Following the event, we'll provide you with a free Modern Workplace Assessment. This will help you understand where you are on your journey to creating a workplace that fosters collaboration and creativity and meets the evolving needs of your business.

Places are limited so book now to avoid missing out.



Steve Goodman

Microsoft MVP, Principle Technology Strategist - Content and Code

Steve is a five times recipient of the MVP (Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional) award from Microsoft, is a regular international conference speaker, podcast host, regular blogger, plus he is the author of a number of best-selling Exchange and Office 365 books. Steve works with a range of clients from SMEs to Enterprise. Steve’s specialities lie in Office 365, Exchange and Microsoft Teams.


Peter Wilson

Head of Technology Consulting Services - IT Lab

Peter has been with IT Lab for over 20 years and has experience of the wide-ranging technologies businesses have used over this time.  He helps our clients adopt new systems to benefit all areas of their business.

matt-white-Technical Account Manager

Matt White

Technical Account Manager - IT Lab

Matt is a long-standing member of IT Lab’s technology consultancy team.  He helps design solutions for our clients and has a passion for helping them leverage technology to achieve their goals.  Matt will be demonstrating technology live on the day.


Michael Bateman - Director of Cyber and Managed Services

Michael Bateman

Director of Cyber and Managed Services - IT Lab

Michael is responsible for IT Lab’s rapidly expanding cybersecurity division - helping clients protect against the threats posed by cybercrime and data breaches. In 2018, Michael was appointed to techUK’s Cyber Security Management Committee.


Tim Wallace

Chief Digital Officer of IT Lab and Founder of Content and Code

Tim Wallis is the CEO of Content and Code. Tim founded Content and Code so he could help transform organisations to be more responsive, more competitive and engage their employees to better realise business goals. Tim participates in both the SharePoint Partner Advisory Council and the Office 365 Partner Advisory Council as well as Microsoft’s Partner Executive Board.


Dan-coleby Director of Business Performance & Consulting

Dan Coleby

Business Performance & Consulting at IT Lab

Dan leads the strategic services functions at IT Lab, and is committed to driving business value through technology for our clients. Dan has a strong understanding of empowerment of business process through technology and the value and issues that can result which is evident in the work that he and his team do for our clients.