[On-Demand] Introduction to Microsoft 365

Improve the way you consume, deploy and manage IT services


The first thing you need to know about Microsoft 365 is that it's not Office 365...

Microsoft 365 is the ecosystem for the modern workplace: productive and collaborative, accessible and secure.

As a core component of an Adaptive Technology Modelit enables your business to develop an evergreen, iterative environment and your users to enjoy IT-as-a-service.

  • What's Microsoft 365?
  • How Microsoft 365 enables a modern workplace.
  • How it can help protect your data and;
  • Ease the management of applications across your IT estate.
  • Secure and controlled access to applications from any device, any time.
  • Meeting ISO standards and GDPR compliance.
  • How IT Lab can help you unlock the real value of a Microsoft 365 platform. 



Peter Wilson

Head of Technology Consulting Services

Peter has been with IT Lab for over 20 years and has experience of the wide-ranging technologies businesses have used over this time. He manages a skilled team who vet all IT designs and help our clients adopt new systems to benefit all areas of their business.

matt-white-Technical Account Manager

Matt White

Technical Account Manager

Matt is a long-standing member of IT Lab’s technology consultancy team.  He helps design solutions for our clients and has a passion for helping them leverage technology to achieve their goals.