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Hacker without identity in futuristic enviroment hacking personal information on tech background

Webinar: Secrets of a Hacker

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How to defend your business from the modern-day hacker

Sylwester Kowalczyk, Security Consultant at Perspective Risk (an IT Lab Company) will lift the lid on some of the techniques and strategies employed by today’s cybercriminals.

The modern-day hacker is way more sophisticated than you think, and Sylwester will highlight some of the practical steps you can take to better protect your business.

What you will learn

Techniques used by today’s cybercriminals
How a single weak password can be catastrophic
How hackers hide on your network without being noticed
The practical steps you can take to protect your business from hackers


  • Sylwester Kowalczyk Headshot

    Sylwester Kowalczyk
    Security Consultant

    Naveen Kausik
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  • Naveen Kausik

    Naveen Kaushik
    Cyber Manager

    Sylwester Kowalczyk Headshot
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