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Remote Working Webcast 300420

How IT Teams Can Improve Remote Working

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How your IT pros can better manage devices, improve user access and ensure security for home workers

IT teams across the country adopted the spirit of Dunkirk over the past few weeks, equipping employees to work from home.

Some businesses were ill-prepared for the changes forced on them by coronavirus pandemic. But IT teams rose to the challenge, responding rapidly to meet the urgent needs of their organisation.

Now that the urgency phase has passed, there's a need for IT professionals to explore ways to improve the management of remote workers and their devices. Besides enabling safe, efficient access to systems remotely, IT departments should take this opportunity to modernise their IT approaches for when lockdown eases.

What you will learn

How technology enables your IT team to manage a remote workforce better
How to improve the security of your remote workers
Preparing for the end of lockdown and the 'new norm'


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    Peter Wilson
    Head of Technology Consulting Services

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    Dan Coleby
    Modern Workplace Product Director

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