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SMB webcast 030620

Essential Technologies for Lockdown – And Beyond

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How to Successfully Support Remote Working: A Non-Technical Guide for Business Owners and IT Professionals

Since the lockdown began, most businesses continuity plans have, undeniably, been put to the test.   

For organisations already using modern cloud-based solutions, the lockdown has stress-tested their plans and provided useful insights. But the same can't be said for organisations reliant on legacy systems or older technologies. 

Join this week's webinar as we run through some essential technologies you can adopt to help your business tackle common current challenges and face the future with greater resilience. 

What you will learn

How to unleash the power of Office 365 for your home-workers
How to use SharePoint, Yammer, OneDrive and Teams to create a ‘virtual office’ on every device
Improve collaboration and communication - and remove the overreliance on email
Provide IT services to your users who are location or device-agnostic
How you can manage users and devices when not in the office
How to improve telephone communication for home-workers


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