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Engaging Your Workforce in the New Virtual World 070420

Engaging Your Workforce in the New Virtual World

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Developing An Effective Digital Culture

Since the UK became Isolation Nation, the shift in working culture has transformed almost overnight. Businesses are facing fresh challenges as they strive to engage with their workforces in this new, virtual workplace.

We want to share the initiatives we implemented across the IT Lab group, which may inspire you. These include the development of a new ecosystem that makes our people feel better-connected and helps with their physical and mental wellbeing. 

Over the past four weeks, we’ve introduced everything from digital charity walks to programmes that involve our employees' children. In this webcast, our Chief People Officer will discuss how you can bring the people in your business together. 

What you will learn

Developing an employee engagement ecosystem
Adopting platforms and a different communication strategy
Introducing virtual physical and mental health initiatives
How to create a new digital culture


  • Thea Fineren Headshot

    Thea Fineren
    Chief People Officer

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  • Jonathan Broadley headshot

    Jonathan Broadley
    Head of Marketing Execution

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