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De-Risking Stranded Workloads with the Rapid Azure Migration Plan (RAMP)

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Recent events relating to the global crisis around COVID-19 have brought into sharp focus on how reliant we are on our core IT service to remain productive. But now, with a dispersed remote workforce, we find it increasingly difficult to manage or upgrade our on-premise or data centre infrastructure and applications, or there are constraints around capacity.

We have received calls from a number of clients struggling with accessing specific applications or workloads currently on-premise. On-premise environments which represent significant risks to their ability to operate confidently in the short term. Your business may have been forced to right-size quickly and may now have underutilised infrastructure, or you may be faced with unprecedented demand for your products and services. Either way, having a scalable IT provision where you only pay for what you consume has never been more critical. 

IT Lab can offer a rapid solution to some of these challenges through our Rapid Azure Migration Plan (RAMP). In this webcast, our experts will look to address concerns amplified by enforced remote working for the foreseeable future and the increased risk around on-premise infrastructure management and ‘stranded’ applications.


What do we mean by 'stranded'?

Any single point of failure; infrastructure in an office location that is inaccessible to support; lack of availability of spare parts in case of physical failure; poor connectivity. If any of these apply to any of your systems, applications or critical workloads, then consideration should be given to the benefits of migrating to the cloud.


Who should attend?

IT Managers, IT Directors, Business Owners or anybody with responsibility for ensuring their organisations critical IT infrastructure can continue to operate effectively and securely while scaling to demand.

What you will learn

Risks that our clients are currently experiencing
Benefits of Azure in the context of organisations operating remotely
Identifying ‘at risk’ services
Rapid Azure Migration Plan (RAMP) incorporating Remote Assessment and Velocity Landing Zone
Cost advantages with Azure
Business Continuity and App Modernisation
Next steps


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    Nick Isherwood
    Director of Cloud Platforms & Azure

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    Chris O'Brien
    Products and Services Director

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    Peter Wilson
    Head of Technology Consulting Services

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    Paul Collins
    Chief Technology Officer (Sol-Tec)

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