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COVID-19 Threat Landscape

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How home workers are being targeted by cybercriminals

Since the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, our Security Operation Centre has seen a growing trend in new cyber-attacks.

To make our clients and other organisations better aware of these threats and to help their employees be safer, our experts will share some of the common methods being employed by cybercriminals currently.

What you will learn

The challenges businesses and their users face
How cybercriminal take advantage of home workers
Recommendations and solutions to deal with the current threats


  • Luke Kiely headshot

    Luke Kiely
    SOC Manager

    Arran Longdon headshot
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  • Arran Longdon headshot

    Arran Longdon
    Senior Cybersecurity Specialist

    Dan Siddall Headshot
    2 / 3
  • Dan Siddall Headshot

    Dan Siddall
    CSOC Analyst

    Luke Kiely headshot
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