[Webinar] What are the Next Generation of Cyber Threats in 2018?


65% of IT managers feel unprepared for a cyber attack. With global malware attacks becoming more sophisticated each year, the need for organisations to have proactive and robust cyber strategies is greater than ever.

Join Peter Wilson of IT Lab and Saiyid Noor of Mimecast on Wednesday the 24th of January at 10am to learn:

  • The next generation of cyber threats in 2018
  • Why antivirus and anti-spam are simply not enough
  • How to protect your organisation against advanced cyber threats
  • How to develop a robust yet agile approach to threat actors

Keynote Speakers

panel member peter wilson

Peter Wilson

Head of Technology Consulting Services at IT Lab

Peter's role at IT Lab is to vet all tech designs for our clients and help them adopt and implement new technologies across all areas of their business.


Saiyid Noor Mimecast

Saiyid Noor

Pre-Sales Technical Consultant at Mimecast

Saiyid has over 10 years’ experience working in IT and is responsible for the pre-sales engagements of mid and large enterprise organisations. He emphasises the need for a cyber resilient strategies which not only protect organisations, but help them during and after an attack.