[Webinar]: Connectivity – The Missing Piece of the Cloud Puzzle



How long could your business survive without access to your key systems or customers?

It used to be the case that your key business applications were located on office-based servers.  Connectivity meant access to the internet and email - not business-critical systems.

As more businesses are embracing the benefits of hosted cloud services, reliable, flexible and robust connectivity is a critical component that's often overlooked.

In this on-demand webinar you will learn:

  • How the app-economy has changed the way you should look at connectivity
  • How traditional connectivity solutions may not be the answer in your current technology strategy
  • How Software-Defined Networks may replace MPLS
  • More about Virtual1’s network services

Keynote Speakers

panel member peter wilson

Peter Wilson

Technical Design Authority at IT Lab

Peter's role at IT Lab is to vet all tech designs for our clients and help them adopt and implement new technologies across all areas of their business.



Neil Wilson

Product & Marketing Manager at Virtual1

Neil is responsible for positioning Virtual1 as a cutting edge wholesale Tier1 carrier in the UK.