Working at IT Lab is fun on purpose.
Happy staff work harder to provide great service to our clients.

A culture of service

Just as great bakeries are defined by great bakers, top MSPs are defined by top engineers and support staff. But sometimes the best isn’t good enough. All the IT acumen in the world won’t get you hired at IT Lab unless you are fanatical about great service, listen intently to clients and have an uncanny ability to create strong, accountable relationships.

We search for people who aren’t happy if their organisation is doing a mediocre job. If a client interaction doesn’t quite feel right, IT Lab people do something about it. They think. They dare. They do. These people are not easy to find. But we are zealous about recruiting people who are determined to make a difference.

A culture of happiness

A culture of happiness

We demand a lot of our people. It’s only fair that we give them an enjoyable environment to work in.  After all, happy and engaged staff equipped with the best tools go further for each other and further for our clients.

A workplace that focuses on humanity is a powerful motivator and business driver. The leaders at IT Lab care about their employees’ well-being, happiness and success. In return our employees feel recognised and appreciated for their contributions to the company.

Talented people are more easily attracted with a great culture and, ultimately, it’s our people that make our service so great!

A culture of excellence

IT Lab has been named in the annual Sunday Times' 'Best Companies To Work For' awards six times since 2008. We currently have a rating of three stars - the highest available. This places us among the best employers in the UK. All of which helps us to recruit the best. It's a virtuous circle.

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